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We have written a Guide on Sydney Conveyancing, to show you step by step the WHOLE conveyancing process for Sydney and NSW properties.

If you have always been interested to find out what goes on behind the scenes, what EXACTLY do solicitors or conveyancers do for a Sydney or NSW sale or purchase property conveyance from start to finish, then we hope you’ll enjoy the next few web pages.

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Guide on

Sydney Conveyancing

For a sale conveyance, we show all conveyancing steps starting from

  • what is the contract to order,
  • where to order from,
  • what to fill in on the contract,
  • what else is required to go with the contract,
  • to what should be done on the day of Exchange,
  • what must be done between Exchange and Settlement, and what happens on Settlement day.

For a purchase conveyance, the conveyancing process in Sydney (and NSW) includes:

  • what to look out for in a contract,
  • how to read the more common Special Conditions in the contract,
  • what to take note in the other required documents that come with the contract,
  • what should happen on day of Exchange,
  • between day of Exchange and day of Settlement,
  • and on Settlement day itself.

You will realise from this guide that the Sydney conveyancing process comprises of a number of procedural / transactional steps. Be it a sale conveyance or a purchase conveyance, we start with the contract – prepare it (for a sale) or comb through it (for a purchase) from a legal perspective. Once contracts are binding, the conveyancing process is mainly procedural till Settlement.

Since each step of the Sydney conveyancing process is detailed, in essence, you will see ALL the practical steps solicitors take from start to finish, for both a sale and a purchase conveyance. We keep the legislation underlying such a conveyancing process to a need-to-know basis, so we hope the next few web pages are easy and enjoyable for you.

With the conveyancing material presented here, at the end of reading the next few web pages, you may feel confident that you are equipped with the knowledge to do your own conveyancing. However, please note that there are risks involved in doing your own conveyancing, which we will point out towards the end. Rather, the next few web pages aim to give you an understanding of the whole conveyancing process for Sydney/NSW properties.

To illustrate how we do Sydney and NSW property conveyancing, we will use a typical residential property in Sydney as an example, – i.e. an existing house on land.

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