(Commercial litigation/Contesting a will, etc)

If you are looking for compassionate, competent, reasonable and capped costs Sydney solicitors for your litigation matter, please contact us by calling 0466 278 034 or click on the “Contact Us” button on the lower right and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Why do we feel that we are compassionate?

Because we have gone through our fair share in life and have gone through some very difficult times. We hope we can help you, as stress-free as possible for you. And one of the tangible ways we can help, other than providing you with competent legal advice, is by quoting you an affordable, competitve price.

As an example, we just had a litigation matter in the Equity division of the Supreme Court of NSW. We have gone through the statement of claim, requested for further and better particulars, defence, cross-claim, subpoena-ed documents, 3 affidavits, and attended a full-day mediation where this matter settled. Our fees, excluding barrister’s fees, are $25,000, while the other side’s fees, also excluding barrister’s fees, for the same amount of work or perhaps lesser, are $40,000. And we have agreed with the client to pay the remaining balance of our fees when he is able to in a few months’ time. The barrister we engaged is very experienced, did not compromise the client’s position in mediation, helped acheive a very good outcome for the client, and just as importantly, his fees are very reasonable and competitive.

So, please trust that we will offer a reasonable, fixed and capped quote for any litigation matter you discuss with us.

We offer:

Free Consultation – not just for the first consultation. All discussions (be it over 2 or 3 consultations), till you decide to engage us as your solicitor, are free. Whether you have a commercial contract but the other party did not perform his part of the bargain, and you need to sue or are being sued, OR if you have been left out of a will, OR any other legal matters, we would love to hear from you.

After you let us know of your problem, we’ll then advise you what’s the best course of action. If we can settle your matter through negotation, we will. If we need to start proceedings to make the other party take note that you are serious, we will advise you so and you decide. Even if proceedings are commenced, we will try to negotiate a settlement at every stage before it proceeds to a full hearing. Our aim is to provide you with the best outcome acheivable and at the lowest cost to you.

To give you confidence that there will NOT be costs blowout to you, once you decide to engage us, depending on your matter,

1) we will, as much as possible, get some or all of our legal fees from you AFTER settlement (whether it be through early negotiation or settlement once proceedings have commenced), and

2) we will, as much as possible, cap our legal fees, which means the moment you decide to engage us as your solicitor, you know the maximum amount of legal fees payable once your matter settles. So unless the opposing side inundates us with lots more work, which we will tell you beforehand, you are protected because we will not be charging you any more than the maximum cap we offer you.

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